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Reviews & Testimonials

Service Satisfaction

August 2023

I Just bought my RV from Sebastian at Seattle RV Adventures and I have never had a better experience with any automotive business than this. Sebastian walked me through every item inside and out of my RV and made sure I understood how to operate the systems. He answered all my questions both before and after I made the purhcase.  The quality of their work is first rate and his shop was impeccable, too. He and his wife are just beautiful honest folks and I know I can call him any time to ask questions! This is a quality business which is so rare in the RV universe! I love my RV

-Paulette H


April 2024

We found exactly what we had been looking for and were able to export to Canada thanks to Sebastian providing us invaluable contacts and information. The van upgrades are top notch and the van is like new. Sebastien spent hours with us when we viewed the van and most importantly when we picked it up a month later. He is quick to answer any and all questions. He genuinely loves why he does and it shows. He knows these vans inside and out which is really heat you need. We can’t recommend him enough!!!

-Peter B

June 2023

We were in the market for a camper van when we found the perfect rig from Sebastian at Seattle RV Adventures. It was already up-fitted with amazing custom work that Sebastian did. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky that we were able to purchase our van from Sebastian!

From the very beginning, he was responsive, informative and extremely knowledgeable. He did a video walkthrough of the van (as we live out of state) and answered all of our questions throughly. When the time came to purchase the van, we flew to Seattle and Sebastian picked us up from the airport (what service!) He spent several hours going over every inch of the van and all its systems. We left feeling confidant and excited to drive our new van back home to California. He assured us we could text him with any questions we had (which we did!) and he even texted us to check in on how the trip went once we arrived home.

The purchase and follow up support has been nothing short of amazing, and we would HIGHLY recommend purchasing or getting custom work from Sebastian at Seattle RV Adventures!

-Lauren B.

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